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More about me, Kate!

I’m Kate, and I’ve started balanced bookkeeping as I want to use the skills I’ve learnt over the years to help new and existing businesses THRIVE! I knew I wanted to be an accountant when I was working in hospitality as a teenager, I loved cashing up and thinking about margins and profit. When I took the plunge and started my first accounting job, I was so nervous and this world of accounts is so alien. My first few months of training consisted of a lot of: What the hell is a debtor? What is a journal? Why are journals used? Why are accruals a thing? Oh no, why is this not balancing? How do I write a cheque? What have I done? Debit or credit? Ah damn it that was supposed to be a debit not a credit. Luckily I had the most amazing first boss who took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know. Now fast forward a fair few years I’m a qualified bookkeeper, wife, mummy of two and dog mum of one. I also work part time as an AAT trainer which I absolutely love. So what does balanced bookkeeping offer? Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping Accountancy Software Training & Business Consultancy VAT Returns Payroll Services We’re bookkeepers based in Gosport, but its 2021, we’re also cloud bookkeepers so happy to take on clients from Lands End to John O’Groats. Aside from that I’ll be using this blog to (attempt to) share my knowledge and hopefully help make your business finances a little less scary Kate x

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