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How to Increase Productivity

How to increase productivity

Ugh, living through a plague really does suck the productivity out of you.

Do you find yourself stuck in the same rut when it comes to being productive? Here’s a few little tips to guide you along the way:

Plan Ahead

Utilise a digital diary, such as google calendar, to plan out your days and weeks in advance. Typically, you’re more productive in the morning, so block out time first thing to complete high priority tasks. If you want to be extra efficient, colour code it to make sure you’re making the most of your time. I like to use separate colours for tasks that are set in stone and cannot be moved (ie, meetings) and tasks that can be moved around if a more important task comes along. Always finish the week with a plan ready for the next and always remember to block out time for lunch.


Think about the number of times you were stuck under a pile of paper not knowing where to look next. Marie Kondo your desk! If you have never heard of Marie Kondo, she is the organisation and declutter QUEEN. In short, her method is to discard unnecessary first, then tidy by category, then ask yourself if it ‘sparks joy’. So, if we relate this back to your desk, go through paper mountain first and discard things that are not necessary, sort the rest into small, manageable categories. Throw away any rubbish that doesn’t spark you joy (no, that doesn’t mean you can throw away your tax bill).

Tidy desk = tidy mind

Go Paper Free

Save the trees and ditch the paper for a cloud notebook like OneNote and never lose your notes again. Also if your paperwork is cloud based, it would make your organised desk so much more aesthetically pleasing.


Don’t spend your day replying to your emails. Set aside time, in your digital calendar, once or twice a day to check them. Take some time to organise your emails too. Ultimate goal is to have your inbox at zero so add folders to your inbox and categorise your emails in a way that suits you. Even something as simple as ‘To-Do’ & ‘Done’ will be effective. Whenever a new email comes in, if it can be done in less than two minutes, do it straight away. If it is a little more complex, file it away in ‘to-do’ and block out time in your diary to go through the ‘to-do’ emails.

And lastly, put your phone down. Your socials will still be there after you’ve finished your task. To be your most productive self, you need to put that phone away and crack on with the tasks at hand!

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